Life had changed a lot lately. Not really sure if it’s for the better or not. God’s gonna take care of me. 


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Skinnier thighs, pretty eyes, stuff figured out, a more controllable mouth, some grace, shorts with white lace, a more comfortable bed, for no one to ever be dead. 

I wish someone would take me up on my offer that way I could feel okay about my dues and actually get a decent TV. Please let something good happen to me. 


So overwhelmed that it hurts me. The future is so unknown and it scares me. Thankful for the words of encouragement I am given from the people around me. You’re what keeps me together. Now just to keep my dad together. 


I hope the new roommate I get is rich so they can buy shit so I don’t have to. I ain’t got no extra money to buy trash bags and printer ink!  

Shyanna Chapman

Commitment, Honesty, Perseverance


This blog is about our 5 year old little boy Seth and his battle with Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (SCID). At the point of beginning this blog he is being considered for a second bone marrow transplant in order to save his life. My aim is to provide a real account of his history and progress through diary entries, pictures and videos showing that the boy makes the most of his bubble!. I, his mother, will be the main contributor to this page, but its not about me. Comment, ask questions, do whatever you please this is not my page but ours. I hope that this provides others with information on tackling a condition that 30 years ago would have lead to death. As well as giving family and friends a place to keep up to date with the news of his journey. #wearyellowforseth

the beautiful ashes

"i have been bent and broken, but- i hope -into better shape."

Tingly Mind

"Trust me I have been there too"

Long Distance Daughter

Support on the journey of caring for aging parents